When you go to the salon, you expect your stylist to do a better job with your hair than a comb and a pair of sewing scissors in front of the mirror in your bathroom. But how can you be sure? Here are some tips to help you recognize the subtle and other signals that tell you it's a guardian. 

First of all, a good stylist is a good listener. He or she will not only listen to your description of "you dream, it will also ask you good questions to deepen your knowledge of you and your lifestyle. He/she prepare you in good manner with hairdressing cape. Your answers will help your stylist get a more complete picture of what you want and what you can reasonably achieve at home. 

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Honesty is at the heart of listening – if your idea of the perfect style does not work based on the characteristics of your hair or the requirements of your lifestyle, a good stylist will tell you and suggest alternatives that can give you the look, but are better suited to your individual needs. 

A great stylist is also aware of the latest trends and the training and expertise to reach them. This means not only learning the techniques to create these revolutionary styles, but also the creativity needed to adapt them to their individual customers as needed.

The hairstyle is not a cookie-cutter, you can not put the same style to each customer. But mastering the techniques and tools will allow a true professional to make each client a work of art by simultaneously combining the style and individual characteristics of the customer.