CCTV drain inspection is an advanced method for checking pipes and channels without having to dig. This technology presents high-quality images that can be recorded in a manner similar to domestic video devices.

This can be used to identify errors in drains, or buildup of mud, dirt or debris that needs to be cleaned. The oil and gas industry is a heavy user of this technology for cleaning pipes and drains.

Traditionally, the work of assessing the condition of the inside of pipes and drains has never been easier. Finding the true point of blockage in a pipe or waterway is also a difficult task in the past. You can get professional services for CCTV drain inspection in Derby.

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At present, the latest CCTV sewer inspection technology systems make it possible to see any gaps and blocks in the pipeline or sewer, including dirt and debris that is piled up and clogged.

CCTV drain inspection camera systems can come with a light head to illuminate the road, a tractor unit to move the camera, a control unit to guide the system along and shift and tilt the camera head to allow the system to look in all directions. There are also other types of special accessories available for unusual situations that might be encountered.

Larger CCTV sewerage inspection units with greater overall flexibility can easily navigate through channels 600 millimeters or two feet in diameter.