Getting an investment property is probably the single most effective way to invest your money and to get the biggest return on your investment. It's also perhaps the most practical and enjoyable way to invest, and by investing in properties you can get somewhere to live out of the deal or get a holiday home.

Townhouses are small properties that are, as the name suggests, located not far from towns and cities. These are the perfect alternatives to studio flats for young professionals and offer everything that they need to commute easily into the city center without completely breaking the bank.

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Main Photo: 1180 ESPERANZA Drive in Coquitlam: New Horizons House for sale : MLS# R2376949

This makes townhouses ideal investment properties then, because they're so popular and because they're something that is increasing in popularity. More and more people are working in cities and towns, and as towns expand there are more and more investment opportunities in these townhouses.

If you are going to invest in townhouses though it is a very effective way to invest, it's still a big decision and something you need to make sure that you get right.

When you decide on townhouses then make sure to spend some time researching the properties you want. Treat this as you would your own home, even if you won't be living there in reality – and make sure that you look for all the same potential problems and flaws that you would in that case.