Inexperienced tourist believes that Sri Lanka is not a great place when it comes to shopping. This is wrong because either the tourist has been misinformed or didn’t have the time to visit some of the best shopping places in this country. If you are traveling to Sri Lanka and love shopping, then check out some of the best places to buy a few items on your back home.

  1. Orchid House – Hand-made items, spa products, clothes, books, pieces of jewelry are just a few items you can buy while visiting the Orchid House in Galle. Once you enter this place, your hands are not going to be empty of shopping bags. So, get ready to splash a few cash.
  2. OlandaFurnitures–If modern or antique furniture is what you are after, then head over to Olandafurnitures. This shop sells some of the best things for all travelers. Moreover, this shop helps tourists to select a piece of furniture that they like, pay them and they will handle the shipping service in delivering your stuff to your door.
  3. Mlesna Tea Centre – When it comes to producing the finest quality of tea, Sri Lanka sits right at the top. This place sells a wide variety of tea packed with flavors such as rose, mint, jasmine and more.
  4. Lakpahana – If you wish to buy a souvenir item while heading home from Sri Lanka, then this is the place you need to be. Located in Colombo, this place is perfect for budget-friendly travelers.

These places will give you an experience of the best Sri Lanka tours.