Not everyone wishes to make a career in conventional fields but rather they are more inclined towards other career choices such as real estate. Contrary to the popular notion actually there are various and abundant of career options in this industry. Also, in today’s times, it is also essential for all professionals in this industry to possess relevant academic qualifications along with skills.

Many people who cannot afford a regular degree from certain universities or just cannot attend the classes they can opt for online real estate courses. You can get the educational course for all the real estate jobs including course designed for professional ‘broker education’ (better known as ndomsmegler utdanning in the Norwegian language). One of the most sought after real estate profession is real estate appraiser.

The professional appraiser evaluates the worth of a single building or piece of land. His or her job is similar to that of an assessor, who instead considers the values of several properties at once. An appraiser may specialize in either commercial or residential property. Moreover, There are four levels of licensure that a professional appraiser can achieve.

Following mentioned is the summary of different appraisal license level:

  • Level 1 (apprentice appraiser) – This level is not required to have previous appraisal experience and may only perform appraisal duties under the direct supervision of a Certified Appraiser.
  • Level 2 (licensed appraiser) – This level is able to perform unsupervised appraisals of non-complex, one- to four-unit residential properties. Many people get ‘project management education’ (better known as prosjektledelse utdanning in the Norwegian language) prior to this.


  • Level 3 (Certified Residential Appraiser) – This level is able to perform unsupervised appraisals of one to four-unit residential properties without regard to transaction value or complexity.
  • Level 4 (Certified General Appraiser) – This level is able to appraise all types of properties.

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