Serviced apartments are in great demand these days. Their popularity is growing more and more each day. They give the luxury comfort of a hotel as well as the comfort of a home.

But unlike hotels, they are lower in price for both short-term and long-term stay. What makes them different from others, is the type of services they provide. So, the following are the types of services that you can expect in your serviced apartments:

Pool in a Serviced Apartment

Fully Furnished:

Serviced apartments are fully furnished. That means that you do not have to worry about the bedding, kitchen accessories, air conditioner, LED and other types of accessories that you may need during your stay.

If you are visiting Chatswood for work, you must first make a list of the best furnished apartments Chatswood has even before arriving, so that you do not have to waste your time in finding a suitable place for your living.

Gym in a Serviced Apartment


You will get all types of services that you may get in a hotel. There would be housekeepers to do the cleaning on daily basis or you can schedule the cleaning job as per your requirement. There will be a caretaker at your service. You will also have access to the swimming pool, the garden, the gym, etc.


The best thing about serviced apartments is that they are situated in the most prime locations around cities. Most of the Sydney furnished apartments are situated near malls, restaurants, offices and cinema halls, so you do not have to waste your time in commuting long distances.

Serviced Apartments

Bigger space:

You will get a bigger space to roam around, relax and have a fun time with family and friends. Usually, a serviced apartment has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a washing area.

It gives you more freedom in terms of space than the hotel rooms. These were some of the amenities that are usually offered by a serviced apartment. To get a deeper look at serviced apartments and the amenities offered by them, you may check out a fantastic post via relevant online source.