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Asphalt Paving Problems And Their Solutions

Protecting your asphalt investment from being damaged is the key to maintaining an attractive look for a parking lot or driveway. Sealcoating new asphalt within one year of installation is the best and most cost-efficient way to avoid costly repairs due to failure of the pavement.

There are several asphalt paving companies in Charlotte NC which you can hire. However, let's look at some of the common problems related to asphalt and their solutions:

Commercial Patching

Oxidation and gray

Over time, traffic, water, gas, oil, unrelenting sun rays, especially in Florida, will wreak havoc on an asphalt road. The older the pavement, the more exposure to the elements, the more the asphalt road will fade and take on the appearance of gray. This graying is a sign that the asphalt oxidizes and dries.


Another asphalt paving maintenance issues that must be considered is raveling. When the fastener, which acts as a glue, which is used to hold the stone and sand particles that make up the asphalt begins to deteriorate, this is called raveling.

Linear asphalt cracks

Transverse and longitudinal cracks are quite common on the pavement as they age. Start small, they will expand over time. Again, every crack in the asphalt is an opportunity for water to penetrate. Expansion of pavement due to hot and cold temperatures will continue to cause the cracks to widen.

Sealcoating initial pavement helps lock-in binder and prevents cracking from occurring.

How To Find Quality Paving Services

A house with beautiful paved roads and a park looks good. But it needs treatment too. But today, doing such maintenance at competitive prices is very easy.

If you experience problems with the entry and want to fix it, then you can easily find help from the internet regarding this. Many paving companies provide expert expertise regarding paving solutions.

Whether it's residential or commercial, whether it's a parking lot or an entrance, they have a solution for all your needs. Only a professional can provide the best driveway paving services in Concord.

You can contact them to improve your residential entrance. They will give you a free estimate and discuss your requirements so that the design satisfies you. After you go through it, the real work will begin.

They will ensure the quality of the materials used and maintain professional work standards. Usually they complete the project within the specified time period and do not charge hidden fees at the end. They work with justice, integrity, keeping in mind customer satisfaction.

Their service is very reliable and you can depend on it. They creatively design their projects so that your home and its surroundings look beautiful. They even work on beauty projects such as paving gardens. So for all your paving needs, you can count on them.

Either you can use a yellow page or you can rely on the internet to find a company that provides quality paving services for both residential and public areas. Contact these companies and ask for their offer. Then compare this offer and do your best.

Sealcoat Services For Asphalt Parking Lot

Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot or drive will secure your costly asphalt investment saving you thousands of dollars. This easy periodic care can double the life span of your sidewalk and lower the chance of bigger repair difficulties, while supplying a jet-black complete for your asphalt which will beautify your house or business.

This easy, low-cost process can save you a substantial quantity of money in the future by eliminating the demand for much more extensive and expensive kinds of services such as asphalt repairs, paving, asphalt overlay and crack repairs.

Sealcoating asphalt sidewalk with coal tar emulsion sealer slows sidewalk deterioration by shielding against the enemies of a parking lot or drive. To get the best asphalt repair services, you can choose driveway paving services in concord Joe Mcmanus asphalt services.

The components that deteriorate asphalt are:

1. Sun and Oxidation: Sealcoating prevents oxidation and also resists ultraviolet rays. Asphalt pavement starts to deteriorate almost as soon as it's placed. Since the sidewalk is subjected to oxygen, the asphalt binder (pitch ) hardens. This hardening causes a brittle surface which eventually fractures.

Cracks in the sidewalk enable rainwater and oxygen to penetrate the sidewalk, frequently into the sub floor, weakening it and diminishing the sidewalk's strength.

Sealcoating protects the surface and fills surface voids, reducing sidewalk's exposure to water and oxygen along with extending pavement life.

2. Ice and water: Sealcoating resists ice & water. The sealer gives a protective casing which prevents water from penetrating through the asphalt. Water may soften the foundation resulting in bigger more costly repairs like sink holes, depressions and cracks.