Speeding tickets are served by the traffic police when the person behind the steering goes above the posted speed limit. When a ticket is issued, a fine is assessed and a court date is set.

If you simply pay your fine directly to the court, a guilty appeal is automatically filed and a conviction will appear on your driving record. This can result in points on your driving record and a hike to your auto insurance rates.

If you have been served a speeding ticket, an experienced and best fast-moving traffic ticket lawyer can help save you time and money. Often, a speeding ticket lawyer can appear in court for you to fight you to keep the speeding ticket from becoming a conviction on your driving record.

If you decide to fight the speeding ticket yourself, you may be in for a very frustrating and extremely time-consuming ordeal. Dealing with hefty fines is a common sight but the eventual escalation in the insurance premiums is the main cause of concern.

In some cases, you may be at risk of driver's license suspension. A traffic court lawyer will be familiar with all the speeding rules and regulations and has experience in keeping speeding tickets from appearing on your record.

You may find it ideal to hire a local traffic ticket lawyer rather than taking time out of your busy schedule to appear in traffic court and attempt to fight the ticket yourself.