Most of the police training centers in this country now began recording their training sessions and activities, not only to save them for future reference, but also to learn the techniques change and fault repair. Many police academy has a video production department that handles the recording, editing and filtering police training video. You can find SWAT officer training online. 

Police academy training video section has a duty to produce a video for the different stages in police training. Video is used for internal training sessions as well as sell to other law enforcement agencies. recruit training are recorded and used for training a new batch. New techniques also filmed to be played at a different police academy.

Some police academy also produces videos related to animal management in the police. It includes detailed in police dog training videos, using them in a scene and analyzing the evidence dug up by animals. Video training also instructs recruits at analytical techniques such as forensic reports, fingerprints and post-mortem procedures to be followed by a police officer.

Police Academy using training videos recruit them for future purposes. Those officers also record in their routine work to identify and resolve routine problems faced by officers. This becomes very useful for coaches and recruits during performance reviews. They also closed the local event to learn about the security settings, emergency personnel train and plan future activities.