The time involved in online classes tends to be less than in a regular class if for no other reason than because no one has to drive to the school. There is no need to go to class early and there is no need to wait for the professor to arrive. There is nothing to being late. Some students learning styles work well with having online classes.

Those students are self-motivated and quick to grasp a concept. Nowadays, there are many sources that offer do my online course via for students.

It is annoying when during the class, the student has to wait for someone else to catch up because that person is either to slow to grasp the concept or decided not to do the homework. Since everything is online and available at the student's convenience, he or she can spend more time on the concepts that are harder for him or her to grasp.

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Online classes should be less expensive for everyone involved. For the college, there should be less overhead, and for the student, there are a myriad of cost savings that may be involved in taking classes online – textbooks may be non-existent, parking passes, gas and maintenance on the car.

Online classes aren't for everyone. Some people learn better from a teacher with whom they have a personal connection that just can't be equaled on a computer connection. Also, the opportunity to network with other students disappears under the weight of isolation that is driven by the computer.

For colleges, this may lead to a lack of alumni giving as students feel less connected to their alma mater. Generally, people believe that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks when it comes to online classes and for some people, the opportunity to take classes delivered in this manner is the only way for them to get through college.