Everyone needs an efficient estate planning for managing their estates so as to reduce the tax and give the assets to their family members after their death. Therefore, it is important to get the help of an estate planning attorney in Athens, Georgia to plan your property legally using wills, trusts healthcare proxy and power of attorney.  

1. Provide all information on Estate Planning Attorney

First, you have to get the name, address and the proper paperwork to validate their identity. Documents such as bank accounts, property documents, and insurance documents will be very helpful in the process of estate planning. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to provide all the information from your family for a customized Encinitas estate planning.

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2. Fill Their Services

Secondly, try to find out about how much they will charge for providing this service. You should be aware of the fees charged by other lawyers in your city. It is important to identify the efficiency of their services.  

3. Ask for references

Third, if you do not have a lawyer, you should try to find a better lawyer in your area. You can ask for references from friends, colleagues and family members to get information about a lawyer. You can also take on shape professionals such as accountants, financial advisors and attorneys general.  

4. Take help from the Internet

Next is to take help from resources such as the internet, you can find all information about an estate planning attorney. These sites can help your lawyer to gather information about their previous works and testimonials of some of their past clients.