Vienna, Austria, is still enjoying winter season and as soon as it's winter season, what generally pops up on your head?  Yes, Snow.

In Vienna each year, the City Hall Square and also the Wiener Rathausplatz is convert into a giant ice rink where ice skating fans both young and older can flaunt their abilities. Ice skating in Vienna is a great opportunity to get active and have some healthy exercise during your winter. If you also want to explore such places in Vienna then you can take complete guide from the travel companies by visiting sites such as

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This enormous outdoor skating rink measuring 5,600 square meters is similar to some other what with all the majestic façade of town hall. It's open daily from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. with audio in the background courtesy of Radio Wien to acquire skating fans skating and up.

The ice disco occurs at the day including Radio Wien DJs who perform the hits as well as the basic songs. Musical requests is possible every day at the giant ice rink. Visitors who would prefer to try out ice skating but do not understand how can hire a teacher to teach them the ideal way to do it.

Kids and novices can ice skate with no charge during the afternoon. Aside from the broad principal skating rink in the front of this Vienna City Hall Square, there's also a intimate skating route measuring 600 meters long linking to this and it contributes to the beautiful Rathauspark that's well lighted at nighttime.