This is a query that is hard to response because maximum people need to paint to some degree that interests them. It is a good start to be interested in subject material like pets, landscapes or portraits.

If you are intense on learning to paint landscapes or cars for kids you are more likely to succeed than if you don't know what you want to paint. But there is a big fault that everyone makes.

When they get started painting they just rush in. They rush in not knowing that there is a secret to learning how to paint fast. The best way to learn to paint is to play and see what can be done.

It doesn't take long to get the feel of a painting medium. By keeping things simple, you can soon learn to understand the basic characteristics of how you can use it. And, you quickly learn what doesn't work for you.

  • Why use brushes when a palette knife could give you more interesting painting results?
  • Why waste time working with watercolor paints when you would be best using oil paints?

The main pros you get from learning to paint initial from basics are that you get a chance to have fun. Kids are very excited to learn new things from their tutors.