Its proximity to your neighbors, the need to regulate the use of common elements and the need to ensure maintain and improve general elements, certain rules and restrictions must exist.

Under the law, these rules and restrictions are found in Morningside heights luxury condominium documents. A short list of documents is as follows:

1. Declaration of Condominium – This is the condo's main document. The declaration actually creates a condo. It describes general units and elements, defines the rights of certain unit owners, allows the creation of associations and regulates the use and operation of common elements.

2. Association Articles of Association – This document creates a condominium association. It was submitted to the Florida State Department.

3. Association Bylaws – This is a guideline for association operations. The bylaw stipulates the number of directors sets out procedures for meeting unit owners and the board of directors and defines the financial and budgetary issues of the association.

4. Operational Budget – This document describes the general costs of associations, which are shared between unit owners in the same proportion as ownership interests in general elements.

5. Regulations and Regulations – This is applied by the board of directors and generally consists of restrictions relating to the use of common elements.

If you have decided that condo life is right for you, you might want to buy a unit. Purchasing condominium units involves many of the same considerations as single-family homes.

There are two conditions for buying condominium units that are treated differently based on the Condos Act. There are different requirements depending on whether you buy from the developer or from the previous unit owner.